About Rachel

Photo of Rachel Morrison

Rachel Morrison (she/her)

Eros Relationships Founder, Social Worker and Cuddle Party Facilitator (in training)


Rachel identifies as polyamorous, pansexual, demisexual, sapiosexual and kinky.


Rachel’s vision is for everyone to be experts in communication, consent and healthy relationships.


Rachel is passionate about helping people with self-development and personal growth, especially when it comes to communication and relationships. She is excited to share her knowledge to help upskill and empower others.


Rachel has completed a Bachelor of Human Services and Master of Social Work. She has had over 3 years of mental health and counselling experience.


Rachel is offering short-term, solution-focused, relationship counselling for individuals, couples and moresomes. She is LGBTIQA+, kink, poly and sex worker friendly.

Cuddle Parties

Rachel is also a Cuddle Party Facilitator (in training). She is a huge advocate for cuddle parties, because everyone can benefit from more physical touch in their lives!